The name Diaverum has its roots in Latin. It’s a name with two key facets. The first part, ‘dia’ represents our core activity – dialysis, and signals that we focus exclusively on renal services.

The second aspect ‘verum’ means ‘Truth’, which is symbolic of the honesty, transparency and reliability that characterise our company, values, and which are reflected in our interactions with staff, patients and partners.

Diaverum UK works in close partnership with the NHS to deliver high quality renal services for people with chronic kidney disease. We deliver our services from nurse led kidney treatment centres, working closely with NHS Trust nephrology, renal nursing and multidisciplinary teams. We provide a variety of dialysis modalities including haemodialysis, haemodialfiltration, nocturnal dialysis, home haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and we also facilitate a range of nephrology outpatient clinics. Most of our services operate from community based satellite facilities, but we also manage a number of main renal units.

In addition to fully managed nurse led dialysis, we provide a facilities and equipment service for those Trusts that wish to retain full control of clinical service delivery.

Diaverum is a dedicated service provider: we do not manufacture equipment or products. This independence brings important benefits to our patients and NHS partners. It means we can select the optimal technical solutions for patient care, and also that our goals are fully aligned with our NHS peers. Our overriding objective is identical to that our of NHS partners - to enhance quality of life for renal patients.

Over the past 10 years we have invested heavily in new facilities, equipment and services, with the sole aim to provide a better service for UK renal patients. We have built a large number of new state of the art renal centres, providing environments that are highly functional yet warm and homely. Our expansion has enabled many dialysis patients to travel far less to receive their treatment, giving them back valuable time and enhancing quality of life.

We have grown from being a small provider, caring for 200 patients in 2008, to the largest independent dialysis provider in the UK, caring for more than 2,000 patients via our network of state of the art renal centres. Including our facilities managed services, we are responsible for the care of approximately 3,000 patients across a network of 31 kidney treatment centres. Our growth has been driven by the strong alignment between our goals and those of our NHS partners, our patient centred culture, and the fact that we work tirelessly to deliver high quality, continually.

At the heart of our service are our wonderful clinical teams: the nurses and dialysis support workers that deliver high quality, personalised care each day. As our operation has grown in size and scope, we have become an ever more attractive employer for healthcare professionals wishing to develop their skills and careers.

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