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Nephrologist Doctor - Medical Director

Gustavo Werber


Maximum effort to take care of each other

Although cleaning and disinfection were always key in our health service, the pandemic dee...

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A health service for the whole community. Itac is much more than transplants, it is your permanent consultation Institute to make an appointment with a doctor, to take a blood test, to take a plate or perform an ultrasound. Everything in the same building.

ITAC belongs to the Transplantation and High Complexity division of Diaverum, a leading gl...

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Our Institute of Transplantation and High Complexity ITAC by Diaverum - Austria 2008 (CP 1425), Autonomous City of Buenos Aires - Telephone shifts and inquiries: +54 113987-7200 - email:

Those patients who undergo dialysis at Clinicas Diaverum or any other dialysis center and are eligible for a transplant can access this great opportunity for a new life within our institution. We perform kidney, reno-pancreas, liver and bone marrow transplants and a long list of specialties, diagnostic imaging and laboratory for the entire community, not only for pre and post transplant patients.

In addition, ITAC serves the general public through its external offices, its diagnostic imaging, its laboratory and its various specialties.

By Appointment only. We are open for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A bit of history

With more than 40 years of experience and more than 3,500 kidney transplants performed, ITAC has become the leading transplant institution in our country.

In 2006, reno-pancreatic transplants were incorporated. also becoming the center with the highest number of transplants performed of this type. In 2018, we incorporated bone marrow and liver transplants and other highly complex surgeries and treatments into our performance profile, always faithful to our essence of offering complex treatments with equipment of very high medical quality.

To attend to these pathologies, our infrastructure has 50 beds dedicated to the care of patients who require it. Emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Humanitarian, personalized and respectful treatment towards the patient and his family.

At ITAC we are leaders in kidney transplants (adult and pediatric) and reno-pancreatic, specialties to which we have added bone marrow and liver transplants, with more than 3,500 interventions to date.

Transplant Services:

• Professional staff of recognized trajectory

• Medical Consultation

• Live Donor Pre Transplant

• Cadaveric Donor Pre Transplant

• Adult Transplant with Cadaveric Donor

• Living Donor Adult Transplant

• Incompatible blood group transplant

• Cross transplant

• Pediatric transplant

• Open Air Biopsy

• Laparoscopic Biopsy

• Needle Biopsy

• Post Transplant Follow-up

ITAC belongs to the Transplantation and High Complexity division of Diaverum, a leading global provider of kidney care services. ITAC consolidates the 40-year history of Nephrology with the evolution towards new technologies and new specialties such as:

• Arrhythmias

• Cardiology

• Bariatric surgery

• Cardiovascular surgery

• Hepato-pancreatic-biliary surgery

• Peripheral vascular surgery

• Medical Clinic

• Diabetology

• Diagnostic imaging

• Digestive endoscopy and interventionism

• Hemodynamics

• Hepatology

• Laboratory

• Nephrology

• Liver, bone marrow, reno-pancreas, kidney transplant (adult and pediatric)

• Traumatology

• Urology

The new building, inaugurated in 2018, is located in the heart of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in Austria 2008 (CP 1425), has 4,000 m2 distributed in 9 floors and 4 operating rooms all equipped with the latest technology.

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Clinic Team

Gustavo Werber

Nephrologist Doctor - Medical Director

"Being a nurse is offering ourselves to the other for their care, as if we were ourselves, not only in the disease, but also promoting health in the community."

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We serve all your radiology and diagnostic imaging needs with personalized treatment and the best security protocols.


Looking for immunity

Adriana Manquez, ITAC Infection Control Nurse, completed the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 and continues to take care of herself as the first day.

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